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"The Ladder Extender and Tree Gripper"

A ladder accessory that was designed with safety in mind.

1- The accessory extends the ladder away from the building to allow access to gutters and eaves without damaging the aluminum gutters. Allows the ladder to straddle windows of various widths for painting, cleaning, or repairing.

2- Tree Trimming: The extender is also designed to grab the tree or pole to avoid roll-offs and injury. The extender grabs the tree in a spiked hug to keep the ladder firmly in place while trimming or pruning.

3- Unlike other ladder extenders this one folds downward when not in use and uses less space when stored. 

4- Pictures, sketches, and diagrams are worth a thousand words ... please continue.

41/2 lb Extender open position    In the tree grabbing position      Extender on ladder          On ladder in grabbing position

Pushing the extender against the tree forces it to grab the tree. Use the open position for access to eaves & gutters

Ladder Safety: It is difficult to prevent an extension ladder from rotating around the point of contact or even sliding sideways when it is resting against a pole, palm tree, or curved surface. The Ladder Extender provides a safety factor that no other ladder accessory can provide. The gripping action of the extenders spiked arms will keep the ladder from rolling off poles, palm trees, or columns.. The gripping action is the only one of it's kind and it is only one of the many safety features the ladder extender has to offer. As for ladder extenders that straddle windows for painting or cleaning this extender has more to offer. 1) It is not a stationary fixture on the ladder,  this extender will fold when not in use. 2) It has the capability of expanding to straddle windows or varying widths. 3) Our Ladder Extender is many ladder accessories combined into one and it only weights 41/2 lbs. 4) It has rubber feet to keep the ladder from slipping or scratching the surface when placed against a building for cleaning, painting, or repairing. 5) The extender provides a wide footing when placed against flat surfaces or buildings, this effect reduces the risk of tipping or slipping. 6) It has the potential to become the best palm tree trimming and pole ladder accessory on the market. 

Note: A personal research of the market revealed that tree trimming and pruning ladders with the safety features our ladder accessory has to offer are virtually non existent. The inventors research has spawned a product that fills a void in the ladder accessory market. It's new, it's safe, and it's very marketable. We hope you'll agree. L. LaBonte (Inventor)


Meet the Inventor a retired shipbuilding engineer
Note: The ladder extender in the folded position

                                                         The Ladder Extender is patented and for sale

The patent and the enhancements for the Ladder Extender are for sale, a prototype of the extender is available for demonstrations. The Ladder Extender is not being manufactured and is not available for sale to consumers. The sale of the patent will Include the registered domain name of plus five additional domain names that relate to ladder accessories are included in the offer. All six domain names can be made to access the Ladder Extender website thereby creating more internet traffic to the site. If you are interested in this highly marketable and unique ladder accessory please direct your inquiries to the address or email listed below. Reason for selling: The Inventor was diagnosed with macular degeneration, a serious disease of the eye.

Ladder Extender
1053 Derian Place
Nokomis, FL 34275

Fax # (941) 484-4691

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